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Stay Cool While Camping

By: Naked Bear RV

Gracie Alexander


Since summer officially started on the 21st and the temperature will be increasing, making sure you have a working AC and awning is almost a must. Luckily, Naked Bear RV is a business capable of installing and fixing both ACs and awnings, but also any other RV or Camper needs.


How Do Air Conditioners Work?

Most RVs and Campers already come with an air conditioner installed mainly located on the ceiling and in RVs there may also be some in the front dashboards; though they don't cool as much they still are great for when you're on the move. The dashboards ACs usually only turn on when the vehicle is on whereas the ceiling ACs must be powered by sources like home electricity and portable generators. Hot air gets pulled in from the AC and washed over the cool coils of the evaporator, then the temperature of the air drops. The cool air is then blown back into the RV through the vents. Most recreational vehicles have thermostats with temperature sensors to tell the temperature between different rooms.

Why Do You NEED an AC?

There's nothing more relaxing than walking in your chill RV and cooling off when its nearing 90 degrees. Not only does having a working AC while camping keep you cool, ACs are also good insect and parasite repellant; I cant guarantee you wont see a single insect, but I'm sure it'll keep them to a minimum. ACs also can keep nasty smells and odors like skunk, feces, etc. from the out doors out. Another reason is that after a long day of camping activities I'm sure you'd love a good nights rest and not have to worry about sweating all night. It's been proven that humans sleep better in the cold. Without air conditioning, your room can become damp and wet (nasty). Which, allows your RV to be at risk of mold.


Awnings are a great way to provide shade for when you and your family and friends want to sit out side and enjoy the weather. Even when its raining your awning won't let mother nature get the best of you. There are many benefits to having an awning attached to your RV or camper but first of all let me briefly explain how they work.

You can either have an electrical awning or a manual one. As you'd expect, electrical ones are more expensive but that is due to the extra parts it requires so you can just press a button and have it open itself. Manual ones are less expensive since it uses man power but fortunately it not too much work. Most newer vehicles have electric awning that may also come with some cool features such as auto wind retract (the awning will close on its own if it detects a high level of wins) or water dumping (detects when water has collected on the fabric and adjust an awning arm to let the water run off one side.) Pretty convenient!

Manual Awning

A manual awning isn't as exciting, but if you're looking for some thing simple it's the way to go. Manual awning honestly aren't any less efficient and it cost less. You do have to be mindful of wind and too much precipitation, keeping one arm of the awning lower than the other one is a good way to keep water from pooling on the fabric. Here is a YouTube video on how to open a manual awning. (It a little too much for me to explain in this, what's supposed to be short, blog.)

Awning Benefits

Did you know having the sun blare down on your RV or camper can create problems? Luckily if you have awning installed that is one less worry off your shoulders. With the awning blocking the sun for you but not blocking the view and it's also great way to cool you off on a hot day. As I talked about earlier it covers you from rain while letting you enjoy the smell and sounds, and reduces wind and other elements mother nature may throw your way. While it helps you physically, having an awning attached to your camper of RV is very aesthetically pleasing. The awnings shade also helps prevent colors from any fabrics like rugs, table clothes, etc.

If you ever need an AC or awning installed, fixed, or simply inspected, Naked Bear RV can do all that and more for you! You can call us at (540)-216-1473. We are located in Woodstock, VA and all our other contact information can be found HERE.

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