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Keeping Up With RV Maintenance

Naked Bear RV Service and Repair

Written By: Phoebe Alexander

Keeping up with RV maintenance is very important and if not done correctly it can lead you to spend hundreds of dollars, lets start with some basic maintenance that can you keep you and your RV happy.

Keeping up with your RV's maintenance doesn't have to be a difficult , lets start out 5 simple things to keep your RV happy!

1. Make sure to ALWAYS close your slide-outs, vents, and awnings during heavy precipitation. This is very important because keeping your sliding, vents, and awning out during a big storm can lead to leaking, if not dealt with properly it can lead to all kinds of problems, such as rotting.

2. Start checking out your water hook-ups for leaking anywhere. If you are not sure if your water hook-up has a leak turn on your faucet, your water pump should turn on, then turn off your faucet if your water pump continues to run for a period of time you have some kind of crack.

3. You also want to check your roof along with your seals for any cracks. Cracks can lead to leaking. Leaking is never good for your RV, therefore you want to check regularly for cracks and leaks, especially after precipitation. If you catch the leaking early it can help you save money instead of trying to replace all kinds of rot.

Rot Damage on Flooring

4. This maintenance will take you no more than a few seconds. Remember to disconnect or charge your batteries when not in use. Checking your batteries regularly is also very important. You always want to test time for time to time for make sure everything is work and no circuits are popping. If you are planning a trip you might want to make sure your batteries are all working for your long trip you wouldn't want you any problems during your trip.

5. Checking your furnace, hot-water, and ac for debris is also very important to do. Cleaning exterior debris and dirt should also be cleaned from time to time. Cleaning out the debris often keeps the dust from getting clogged and even from mold to start growing.

Things happen and if you do find your RV unhappy bring it down to Naked Bear RV Service and Repair in Woodstock, VA and we will help your RV leave happy . Call (540)-216-1473 or contact us HERE.

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