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We are refocusing our commitment to our current and returning customers who got us where we are.  We are looking to build premium services focused on the customer.   In order to provide the undivided service you deserve we will be limiting new customer scheduling.  If you are new customer interested in service please visit our contact page to fill out a new customer survey.  We will be moving our focus toward rebuilding, rehabilitation, upgrades, and insurance repair needs, giving new customers the attention they deserve.  We continue to look forward to welcoming new members to the Naked Bear family.  Our returning and existing customers will be our priority for every day maintenance and repair needs. 


Your comper's roof is the most exposed part of your RV and takes the most punishment.  If you are in need of a new roof, we can help you get your roof placed quickly.  With our team we can cordinate to have your roof replaced in TWO days.  We will work with your and your schedule to get your unit dropped off and completed by the end of the second day.  Call for pricing, details and to schedule.

Maintenance, Service, Warranty

Maintaining and Servicing your RV or Camper. We provide multiple packages, extended warranty repairs and services to keep you unit well maintained.  At this time we are unable to provide manufacturer warranty repairs for all units.


Restoring, painting, and more, we can handle the situation. From rebuilding a rotted frame to roof replacements and water damage repair.


Providing customizations to increase, lighting, off-grid capabilities, safety, and more. We can manufacture or install custom seating, flooring and more. 


Solar Power

Naked Bear RV is proudly partnered with SAMILEX, a renewable energy company for all your solar power needs. We are capable of installing and setting up solar charging products which include solar panels, inverters, battery chargers, and many more. We highly recommend trying out solar panels because not only are they virtually silent they also don't need as much maintenance, they are long-lasting, reliable, they come in different forms, and overall are better for the environment.



Dont Leave Unprepared

We offer camping chairs, rooftop tents, firepits, speakers and much more equipment to suit your camping comforts.

Light Things Up

We apply boogie lights to spice your camping experience up. You can order them online or request installation. (Installment price varies depending on vehicle type.)

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